Why choose Evermore?

When customers choose a translation company, most of them will make the choice base on the following two criteria: 1. Price and 2. Quality.
A price-based decision will often fail to meet the customer’s required standards. This will not produce savings, and will be a waste of precious time.
Therefore, Evermore has compiled our service flow below, which includes all the aforementioned key points. This not only shortens your processing time, but also enables you to receive a satisfactory finished product!


 STEP 1 Document evaluation

The documents provided to us will be classified based on the types and demands; for instance:
DTP, printing and translations requirements.
The documents will first be handed over to our professional staff for their evaluation and relevant suggestions.

 STEP 2 Quotation

We will offer an official price quotation based on
the document word counts, difficulty, field, layout complexity, and other factors.

 STEP 3 Workflow

The translation time required will vary depending on the type. The document will pass through various stages of the Evermore workflow, as illustrated in detail in the following flowchart.

 STEP 4 Post-translation services

In order to ensure customer satisfaction,
we provide two post-translation services after each translation.

Key questions asked
In general, an experienced translation company will ask relevant key questions:
the expected translation quantity, if this is a long-term translation case, the expected translation quality, and others.
We suggest that you provide the documents beforehand, and let the professional translation company evaluate and discuss the delivery time.

Evaluation and discussion
During the discussion with a translation company, we suggest you describe the translation content and format you want in detail, as well as provide reference documents, specific terminology, product names, and other information in as much detail as possible.
The more information provided by the customer, the quicker the translation company can be prepared to work on the project.

Use of the translation company’s expertise
For the customers with accumulated translation documents over a long period of time, when there are only some parts to be translated in their documents, an experienced translation company will pro-actively build a term base, a compilation of translation style management, and other information, to reduce the customers’ cost and improve translation quality.

Delivery date discussion
For the translated document delivery date, ample time scheduled for a commissioned translation is an advantage when negotiating price with a translation company, and it also has a great impact on the quality of the translation.
With plenty of time, a translation company can assign an experienced translator to handle the translation work. On the contrary, a high-volume project on a tight schedule may be split between different translators to complete; it is very likely that the expected quality will not be achieved.