Website and Multimedia translation

Website and Multimedia translation

Evermore will facilitate your product's entry into the Internet and the world. When you want to showcase your company's features or display your company's products, a website and software localization are the inevitable first tasks. Local language requires professional native-speaking foreign translators who use local grammar and standard terminology to portray the company's features.

If the corporate products are sold on the European and US markets, then it would be necessary to build a multilingual website. In the current era of rapid societal growth and globalization, corporate and product marketing using English and other languages adds value to the company operation. As current corporate operations shift towards globalization, language integration and technical solutions are closely related. Offering comprehensive interaction can facilitate the optimal communication between corporations. Building a multilingual website can create greater overseas opportunities for your company.

The website and software localization services provided by Evermore include management systems, databases, online gaming software interfaces, help files, word strings, dialog boxes, instructions, menus, text messages, online documents, manuals, catalogs, printed materials, website information, and other localization services.The project would be accurately translated by native-speaking translators, and kept consistent through the use of translation memory databases. In the end, the translation will be sent to the proofreading staff for verification and check every part for compliance with standards so that we can precisely control the product quality and timeliness of the delivery.

Multimedia video translation/subtitles production: Evermore can provide script translations, voice-over, audio recording, editing, and other post-production and file format conversion services. We also provide complete the post-translation subtitles editing and production tasks as well.

Multilingual DTP/typing/output/file conversion: We use a wide range of software including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, InDesign, FrameMaker, PhotoShop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, and other multilingual DTP/typing applications.

Our other services include:  Listening and translation, translation and production of OSD images in instructions, product exterior drawing, product photography, marketing material design and layout, printing, photocopying, digital output, binding, and other services.