Comprehensive Database

The features of a translation memory database


A powerful translation memory database: No sentences will be translated twice.

Evermore is experienced with translation memory technology, which uses a computer system to analyze the translated and repeated content in the source text, so that the same sentence only needs to be translated once and repetitive work can be automated. This can reduce translation time, save translation costs, ensure translation quality, and further improve delivery efficiency.

Terminology management: quality guarantee

Evermore builds exclusive terminology database management systems for different customers to ensure consistency and accuracy in the translations, and save a massive amount of search time.

Project allocation and distribution platform: helping you complete translation projects with the greatest efficiency

The project allocation and distribution platform is Evermore’s centralized mechanism for allocation and distribution. It involves outstanding coordination and control. In order to complete the mission given by the customer, we can customize the project operation procedures based on the customer or the industry of the translation case.This can further improve the translation efficiency, while providing the customer with instant support, assistance, and feedback to any questions.

Multilingual support: your unencumbered access to the world

Evermore supports dozens of languages, offering our customers with multilingual translation projects a wide variety of options in translation languages.

Cost advantage

The most important is to offer the reduced translation cost and higher efficiency. The benefit of cost reduction is even more significant for customers who often require multilingual translations.